Life is Beautiful.

So here I am again.

I've been gone for a while, but I've been busy.

God has been good to me.

So in my last blog, I told you about that one job right?

I got another one too.

They essentially just handed it to me, lol.

So now when school starts in the fall I'll have 2 jobs.

I just left my advisor's office a minute ago, and found out that I'm graduating in one year.

Two more semesters and I'll have a degree.

I mean...that's pretty much it, lol.

School's getting hectic because of the time of year that it is, but other than that I'm good.

I've got this real good feeling right now.

Like being high without the smoke.

Called home, and my dad said we'll get my summer school paid for some kind of way which means one or two less classes in the spring of 08.

It's a nice day, and my little brother doesn't have any homework.

Remember how good those days felt?