I haven't blogged in ages. I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm almost out of words except that they are some of my favorite things. I always have them, even when I can only cry. I find the words to comfort myself or make it feel better, or to explain to other people what the problem is or isn't.

The curvature of the letters is like art to me. Sometimes I practice my penmanship over and over again just so I can see how things have changed. When I was young I could take up two lines with one letter, and there was no difference between upper and lower case. I don't like lined paper too much because it limits how free I can be with them. At my best times and my worst times, I always have words and letters and there seems to be an endless number of them.

The dictionary is huge. The font is tiny. And every year there's at least one new word added.

One of these days I'll write a piece for them. I'm not in the mood to write love poems now, but once I get my appetite back...