Reverb 12.

I tried this in 2010 and it went nowhere. Here we are on December 8th, 2012 and I'm going to try again.

Day 8.

Prompt for December 8thArt: What was the most moving piece of art that you saw/experienced this year?  This could mean a painting or a sculpture, or a performance you took in, or even a book that you read – tell us about the kind of art you encountered, and the way that it moved you.

My first thought was "Seeing Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick on stage together."

But suddenly I remembered watching Casey Benjamin perform A Love Supreme on a motherfucking VOCODER with the Robert Glasper Experiment.

Those moments, in that club, with my eyes closed just taking it all in...there are no words.

I can still hear it, and feel the stillness of a room full of people in awe at their experience.

That was an amazing night.


I just came across a tweet attributed to Lao-Tzu that read "Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear."

What I read was "Chill."

In the moments where life is most hectic, it becomes imperative that we just be still.

Waters can never become calm if we are too busy trying to calm them.  We can't possibly manage everything all the time, so it becomes our job to just relax.

In the middle of tumultuous times that we cannot control, the only thing left is our selves.

While being still, then, we must take care of ourselves.

Start skin brushing or drinking green smoothies.
Meditation. Yoga. Prayer.

The situation starts to look drastically different when we attain and maintain clarity of mind.