I'm Proud of Myself.

I'm proud of myself.

I went to get dessert with a friend of mine after work, and nothing happened.

While that's not 100% on me, I did a damn good job of keeping my pants on and my hands to myself.

When I left there, I went to see an old fuddy of mine.

He's gained a few pounds and he looks so damn sexy.

He touched me and tickled me and had I stayed there he would have fucked me and I'd be asleep in his bed rather than writing this blog.

However, I knew how he was making me feel so I had to take my exit.

But damn...he just looks so good!

I have to pat myself on the back for having willpower for once.

Go me and shit.


So I was sitting here and shit...

That's my thinking face.


I fucking said it.

Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger.

Niggerish, niggardly (which is, in fact, a word), niggaholic.

Anyway, I was thinkin' about the word "nigger".

So the fuck what?

However, this is not the point.

I'm mad and shit.

Who the fuck told these fools out here that "nigger" means ignorant?

I bothered to look the shit up online, and three different sites all related it back to its original and derogatory roots in the Black and racist communities.

That shit does not now, nor has it ever, meant "ignorant".

It means Black.

Plain and fuckin' simple.

What concerns me about this, however, is that the connotation of the word is changing and people are forgetting what they're truly saying.

No way in hell is calling someone your "nigga" calling them a friend or comrade.

I wish people would just take a minute to remember what they're saying, and just think before they speak.

How much sense does it make for someone to say "Well I can say that shit because it means he's my friend, but if you say it I'll bust you in the mouth."

If white people said that about any word in the English language we'd be hollering language based racism or some other dumb ass shit.

I just read an article about the word in relation to that Michael Richards incident. (Here it is, as a matter of fact.)

The author contends that no one should use it, and everyone needs to think hard before they speak.

I agree.

Stop saying that shit, but never forget it.

To forget it is to invite slavery back and let them take our rights to voting and land.

That shit was only 40 years ago, by the way.

Frame it and make a relic of it. Put it up in a museum for all to see.

Inside a slave ship.

And around it place shackles and chains and whips and cotton.

Put that shit up next to it too.