I can't drive when I'm angry.

I get the urge to drive over medians.

I go blind...get tunnel vision.

I do it anyway, but I don't even feel safe with myself.

Think I have an anger problem?


I mean...

it's not all the time and

it's not every time I get mad but...

it's dangerous.

Seems to me that
my anger has learned to control me.
I used to be the stronger person but lately
the stresses of life have rendered me useless
against this force.
Takes all my energy
to keep me sober
and alive
and not screaming.
Trying to fight the same passions that fuel love
with nothing more than
the inability to move
has rendered me helpless
almost hopeless
dependent on
the little bit of sense
I have left
to keep me alive
anger has learned to control me
and I don't think I'll fight anymore.

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