It's 2:29 AM.

That was me at a party a few weeks ago.
I was really feelin' my outfit, so I needed everyone to know how fly I was.

Today I found out that I got a job in this program I was really hoping for.

It was a process to get in, but I'm here now and I plan to rock the shit out of this job.

I'm the only Black girl there.

I'm sleepy.

My face feels oily.

I feel a spontaneous poem forming.

Yeah...it stems from my heartburn.

My heart...burns.
Part of it is pizza.
The other part is lost love and
leftover lust that has yet to be properly treated.
I find my mind
After hours of searching
I find her wandering
Through my futures and my memories
And there you are.
She's with you.
In your arms and remembering
How that one night felt.
After sweat and passion and fighting back
the urge to whisper in your ear
I love you...

That one night after sweating and passion and orgasmic memorizations of your presence
Those moments when
You held me and kissed me and just barely touched me and
Showed me
And the days yet to come
Where you and I begin the revolution
Side by side and
Locked in an embrace of love and passion and a coup d'etat to rock humanity
Back to sanity.
But alas, it is all in my mind
As I find her wandering
Through my futures and my memories
With pieces of my present in her hand.

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