It's Been Awhile...

I haven't blogged in several months.
I know, I'm slipping.
But I'm back now so...yaaay!

I've shaved my head since the last time I was here, and actually that's about all
that has changed in my life. The semesters changed and the weather
got bad but...nothing else interesting has happened.

Men still don't know how to act and I still limit my company with other people so...yeah.

Here's an interesting tidbit!
Today in class, I actually didn't fall asleep and shit.
And my professor actually commented on it.
He said "No dozing (insert government name here)!"
And I said, "I know! I didn't! But...I also had a huge energy drink and a nap today."
Then he said, "Well, if you didn't contribute so positively I'd be a lot harsher on you, but you always have positive input so it's OK."
I laughed, but in general it made me feel good today.

Yay me!

Maybe tomorrow will be mas interesante.

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