Things that are very odd.

Things that are very odd...

I am in love.

Yes, again.

But this time it is different.

This time it is the one thing I have been praying for since I was old enough to understand that I should have a prince charming.

This time, I don't love anyone else.

I only love him. I only want him. And he loves me back. He wants me back.

We lie in the bed at night and whisper our secrets to one another. We exchange ideas and thoughts on walks through the neighborhood. We passed an old married couple and greeted them; I'm almost certain we both were thinking "fifty years from now..."

I can be every thing that I am with him. I can be a bitch and a silly goose and a child and a woman. A lover, a fighter, a friend, a mother, a daughter...

and he loves every part of me.

When I look at him music starts playing...

you love me...especially...different...

And for me, it's amazing.

I started writing a piece last night in my head for him. May perform it tonight if I can get it together.

I can tell this is going to be a challenge.

Perhaps it is not time for me to write for him.

But I think it is.

And perhaps none of this is odd to anyone else, but to me it is.

But not the bad way.

As a matter of fact, in a new and wonderful way.

Odd and excellent and amazing and every superlative that exists.

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