Welcome to Today.

Today is Thursday. The day before Friday. The day before payday. I have missed the Goodwill Sale at the department store, but I have found the thing I so diligently sought. One of the things. After weeks of searching, I have found it on a Thursday. In Milwaukee, WI. The Thursday before the most important Wednesday I can remember to date. I have polished my fingers and toes in preparation for the event, although the polish will be done over before I go. Every day between now and then will be filled with electric air and anticipation of what your hands feel like when they grasp my waist.

But today is only Thursday. One day closer.

My stomach is aching as I sit here, and ideally I would ask a doctor about these sudden and often severe pains. That will be on the same day I ask about my short breathing and heart palpitations. And why my hip has started popping.

As I sit here, I think sweetly of more pleasant things although First 48 is on the TV.

I daydream, or just let my mind wander (as it is now night time and a night dream is just...a dream), about the things I could be doing and the things I should have done. What may happen in the future and how I or we may grow next year. If I don't continue forward from this jogging in place I've been doing, I will burn substantially less calories and still tire myself out. And I will have accomplished nothing.

But today, right now, I will check my mentions and play on Tumblr and re-polish the ruined nails.

Welcome to my daydream. Welcome to my future. Welcome to today.

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