It's too late to be blogging...

I'm tired as all get out.

I meant to do this earlier, but school trumps blogging.

Anyway, today was interesting.

I had one class, and I was late.

My prof was like "OK..this time you're a little too late." 
(insert stern face here)

The unfortunate part was that 
I don't know if I could have cared less.

Anyway, other than that mess, I saw the two fathers 
from that FX show Black.White.

Great presentation.

I was really torn between that and staying in to watch House, but 
the speakers beat Hugh Laurie. 

The Black father made some good points which I'm going to
scribble down right now before I forget them, and blog about them when I can type and not have to fix shit constantly.


I think that may be it for now.

I'm kinda mad that my sleeves on this waffle print hooded henley are short for no reason.  
I bought 5 or 6 of these things and only one of them did this.  Talk about annoying!

Oh!  On the up side, my late night ramblings have allowed me to be awake
for the highlight of my evening!  A tag on my Paxed page from my favorite intellectual, Jay_20782.

It' s funny...as soon as I saw that tag I perked right up.

I'm too damn old to be boy crazy.  Ha!

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