It's been a few days since I've blogged.

It's not like I have a loyal fan base, but I'm just saying.

I guess I blog to myself to help keep my life events in order.  I often forget what day it is.

So the other night I went to see the fathers from Black.White.

The good thing is that I remembered to write down the point that I was so serious about.

So Brian, the Black guy said "I read all the blogs and stuff about the show, and people were saying 'Oh the Black family is just hypersensitive to race.  It's not that bad.'[...]I don't have to look for racism, because it finds me.  Racism knows where I am.[...]
I went to a seafood store down in LA b/c I love seafood.  When I got to the register, the white guy behind the counter looks at me 
and says  'You know we don't take food stamps.'  Now...did I have to look for that or did it just happen?"

Valid point?  I'd say so.

People always accuse the Black community as a whole to being overy sensitive and always
looking for things to come our way, but when we live in a world where people automatically
assume we need assistance to buy our food, are we looking for that?  Are we looking for some
of this discrimination on jobs and in communities when it comes to buying homes?  

This shit happens on the daily.

It's 100% real.

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