Aight I had to get my real blog out of the way to make room for the nothingness.

Right now, my head is empty.

I'm ready for break, and I can't even begin to think straight anymore.  Books make my head hurt.

I'm tired.  I feel sick all the time.  Sometimes my eyes just say "Hell with this!" and lose focus w/ no warning!

I think I feel like writing off the top of the dome...

I sit here staring at this screen
Hours out of my day...
Can't even tell you what I read or wrote or
Anything for that matter
Is my life walking by my window?
Through the grass and around trees and in snow
My life is actually somewhere far beyond
It's not under my window
Or in the grass out there
Not even @ home in my bed having dinner w/ my family
My life died the minute I picked up the first novel of my junior year of college
I had to kill it before it killed me

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