Blog Wars.

I was gonna say some shit, but it would have been SO self-centered.

Things are kind of insane at the moment.

My big mouth ass can't find the right words to convey what I want to say.

I feel like I'm getting the same speech again though.

You're not any of those cats, so you say.

Then you follow that with "those cats" type behavior.

How do you expect me to take that shit?

I can't take it for shit but face value, and face value is bull shit.

Granted, you aren't the one that created face value so maybe I should give you some credit but like... niggas have bad credit around here.

Up until now you haven't done shit to
earn more.

It's been a lot of talk and shit, and I gave credence to that, but what the fuck was I supposed to say?

I knew from the beginning though, that we are too strong for one another.

We can't both be hellbent on our own correctness, can we?

The shit becomes explosive.

Too much energy here.

Too much for both of us.

Two people that know how great we are individually.

We know what we want, and we have very high expectations of a mate.

It forces us to perform at this new altitude together, but it's wonderful up there.

Something's gotta give.

Not enough oxygen there, regardless of the beauty.

I guess I'll just go upstairs and make out with my new stilettos.

Green patent leather w/ a natural heel cup and a wood grain heel.

My grown girl shoes.

That's half the reason I spend all my money on material shit.

Clothes and shoes never hurt you, and if they do it's your own fault.

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