Just some shit...

At the moment I feel like "I got looooooove...on my miiiiind..."

Every morning I wake up expecting someone else to be there.

All I can think about is what he feels like and if it's as good as I think it should be.

These feelings are the reason I avoided taking these steps for so long.

The energy it takes is insane.

I might even feel better if I wasn't wondering but had concrete answers instead.

Every time I talk to him I want to say "Hey baby. How was your day? I missed you today."

But I don't feel released to say it.

It's still much to soon.

I always want to just say "I love you!"

I wish I could tell him.

I want him to know that he's my one thing and I want to be his.

When everything else is falling apart I need him to be the one thing I cleave to, and I just wish that I had the strength and time and energy to be that thing for him.


This is cliche as fuck.

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