Ants On a Log.

A friend of mine recently Tweeted this statement: "As I get older, I want kindergarten food more and more."

When we're kids all we want is to drive and do whatever grown-ups to. As adults, all we want is ants on a log and nap time (which studies have shown increases productivity in the workplace).

I personally don't mind being an adult though. I can dress myself (although I do have to lay out my clothes and bathe at night), and drive a car, and go to work every day (which actually kind of sucks).

Either way, I'm alive and childless so I win right?

Except for the moments when I feel like my youth is fleeting. When I feel like 23 is really 50 and I haven't started saving for retirement. I'm not in a serious relationship (whatever that is). I'm not married or even really almost. My job suddenly feels dead-end and other people have done soooo much more with the same number of years than I have. Some with less.

What is my contribution to society? Whose life have I made better through the use of mine? Why can't I get a man to fall hopelessly in love with me like every other woman I know seems to be able to?

Those are the moments when ants on a log is better. When I'd rather have a nap and learn to use purple plastic safety scissors than do morning paperwork.

But alas, this is my lot.

And by the way, what dumbass backs into an angled space? How do you not notice that you'll be going up the down when you leave?
C. Noelle

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