I'm lying in bed...

...and I'm blogging.

But I seriously think I'd prefer to be doing this from my phone.

Doesn't matter. It IS a shout out to my laziness, though.

I need to eat.

And bathe.

And go to work.

Starting in the afternoon is like a mini day off for me, really. I can sit around and not do shit until I get ready. And watch Maury.

How the hell do you test three men at once and NONE of them be the father? Like...you're bold enough to bring three men on national TV but not four?

Did you forget?

Or maybe your math was wrong.

I don't even know, yo.

So...I'm dating an old man now.

Not that anyone reads this blog to care, but whatever.

Oh shit...I don't think I'm posting this link on Facebook. I forgot that who I'm dating is nobody's business.

Anyway, I love him a whole lot. He's always on my mind, and every time I do something it's with him in mind. Would he like it? Does he mind if...

And he likes me for everything about me.

Because I know he hates my shoes but it never stops me from buying them. Because no matter what I'm cooking I think about his needs and the fact that he only likes ground beef.

He said "Babe those pants are granny as hell."
And I said "So?! They're comfortable!"
"And that's why I dig you chick. You don't give a fuck what I think."

He rubs my head in bed and kisses my neck.

I think that was the third thing he did that got me wrapped up though. He talked about his kids, he gave me his last $2, and he rubbed my head.

What more can a chick ask for?

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