I said no.

There was a time when I had zero interest in teaching.

But I always wanted to give back in some way.

I figured I'd just work at a non-profit.

Everyone thinks English majors should teach.

Nevermind what we actually wanted to do with that degree; the only option is to teach school.

I didn't want to.

Every time someone asked I said "Oh heeeeell no!"

Until he mentioned it.

He said "Babe...I know you didn't get that degree to work at *******"

He was right, of course, but for me this job is a pit stop.

There's insurance and a nice discount, but it's getting to the point where the money isn't enough. I'm ready to move out and not have my phone bill be a strain on me.


I want to take a trip next week. $130. I don't have phone bill money, money to pay for that, eat, spend, and pay my Gap bill.

Not a whole lot, actually, but I don't have it.

So...why not teach? Something to do. A way to give back. And I can get my certs in far less time than it would have taken to get an education degree. The sub course is...$150 max.

Sounds like a plan, stan.

It's always good to be with someone who makes you want to do more. Better.

Sounds good..."More. Better. Love."

Be lookin' out for that...

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