I started this blog...

...from my Blackberry.

Then I changed my mind.

I had another revelation today about why I love him.

Aside from the fact that he's so damn good looking and his smile just makes my day every time.

And Seven jeans.

And the passion he has for those kids.

After all that.

He cares about me.

He opens all the doors and he makes sure I have simple shit.

Like something to eat before I go to work.

And his last two dollars.

But sometimes I wonder...

He makes me happy though.

Rubs my head and lulls me to sleep...lets me lie on his chest even though I know his arm is going to sleep...gives me morning breath kisses even after he's brushed his teeth...

all that.

And most of the time I go to sleep smiling.


Now the skies could fall...not even if my boss should call...the world it seems so very small...

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