My Hip Hop

So I've been using my Berry to write shit off the top, but I forgot.

Some of it is good, some could be better.

Either way, here's one.

It wasn't Jay-Z
and it wasn't Lil Wayne
MC Such and Such
Young This and That...

It wasn't a groundbreaking young
female emcee
with the metaphors
of several grown men.

It was a live band
and shaking Black Thought's hand
and showing him my head
under that big scribbled scarf
and realizing that larger than life
is shorter than me
but thank God that height don't
determine the strength of a true emcee.

It was feeling the energy surge
behind me
cuz they know all the lyrics
and seeing lighters up
fists pumped
when their hero spit them lines.

My hip hop's president
is not Black
and cannot believe
that the one drop rule
continues to apply
but it loves him no less
because he's got a hip hop state of mind.

It was checking for some new emcee
on the strength of an e-mail
and 2 years later
almost becoming a groupie
even though that male
never came through.

But I'm glad that I've found myself
and you.
I am better for it.

I think I started that one at the Elzhi show and finished or edited it @ Prince Poe. I think.

Not my favorite, but also raw and unedited.

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